SmoothTrack Apk 1.4

SmoothTrack Apk Name : SmoothTrack
Publisher Company : John Goering
Current Version : 1.4
Category :Tools
Size : 3.4M
Requires Android :  7.0 and up
Rating : 4.8
Get This Game On : Google Play

SmoothTrack Apk 1.4 : SmoothTrack Apk 1.4 is an tools  category apps for android. You can download this new version apps from our safe download links with single click.

SmoothTrack ApkSmoothTrack provides 6-degrees-of-freedom head tracking using the high resolution camera already built into your device, passing it on to OpenTrack for use in any game that supports TrackIR


“The best new controller on the market will only set you back $9.99. It’s a smartphone app called SmoothTrack, and if you’re flying a plane on PC, you need to check it out.” – Polygon


It’s a near magical experience to seamlessly slightly move your head and have your game perspective immediately play along (the movements in the game are magnified so that you only have to make slight movements of your head to control the camera).

– Simply lean forward to get a closer look at your Flight Simulator cockpit!

– Look a bit up to see the overhead panel of your A320!

– Simply shift your head a bit to the right to see the direction of the space station you’re approaching in Elite: Dangerous!

– Look a bit left before a hard left turn in Euro Truck Simulator 2!

No headset or extra equipment of any kind is required! Simply set up your device so that it can see your face. Using the on-screen controls, you can shift your perspective in-game.

Your head movements are slightly exaggerated which enables you to look out of a cockpit side window with just a slight movement of your head to the left.

Includes a dark mode to save your battery and your OLED screen!

Any game that supports the FreeTrack or TrackIR protocol will work with this, including:

– Microsoft Flight Simulator

– Microsoft FSX

– Elite: Dangerous

– IL2: Sturmovik

– Euro Truck Simulator 2

– Kerbal Space Program

– …and many, many others!

INSTRUCTIONS (included in the app):

On your PC:

On your computer, install and run the free program OpenTrack at

Press the Windows key -> type “Firewall” -> “Firewall & Network Protection” -> “Advanced Settings” -> Inbound Rules -> New Rule… -> Program -> Program Path to opentrack.exe (probably “c:\program files (x86)\opentrack\opentrack.exe”)

Right click on your network symbol at the bottom right of Windows, choose “Open Network & Internet Settings” -> Change Connection Properties -> Choose “Private” instead of “Public” (this will make your PC discoverable to your mobile device)

Press the Windows key -> “Command Prompt” -> type “ipconfig”. Find your local IPv4 address (normally starts with 192.168… but maybe 10.0… or theoretically something else)

Now restart OpenTrack.

In Input, choose UDP and open up the settings and note the port (probably 4242).

As Output, choose “Freetrack 2.0 Enhanced” and “Both” in its settings.

In Options, bind a hotkey of your choice to “Center” (say, F10)

Press Start in OpenTrack.

On your mobile device:

(If you have more than one wifi around you to connect to, then in your phone, set any other wifis “Auto-Join” to “off”)

Now restart SmoothTrack.

As “IP address” in SmoothTrack, enter the local IPv4 address from above.

As “Port”, enter the port from above.

Press Play.

Email support is provided if there are any issues (or if you have any ideas for new features!)

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More Information about this Apps : google play


HUGE thanks to everyone for your excitement and kind words about SmoothTrack.

– Improved UI: set sensitivity and offset per axis. This enables you to disable an axis entirely by setting its sensitivity to 0.

– Added detection for the mobile flight sim Infinite Flight.

– Added gauge button for displaying head tracking data.

– Added green dot when a face is detected.

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